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Boogie thenBoogie now

Here is my sweet Boogie. I got her as a sick, malnourished orphan, and just look at her now! All of 9 pounds, she's the sweetest bundle of fur you ever want to meet.

BugBug then

Meet Bugger. He was found in the parking lot where I used to work, and I couldn't help myself. He is extremely affectionate and will purr even before you touch him. he is the best baby ever.


Say "Hi" to Louis, or Wu for short. He is not amused about having his picture taken with "this silly thing on my head".


Dusty's not real happy about having a cat in her chair either.


This is Dusty. She's Doberman and Husky. She was a pound puppy until my friend Charlie adopted her. She was just too much for his city appartment, so I took her to live on the farm.


I adopted Trouble as another sick kitten. His eyes were terriably infected, and as a result, he lost the left one. Don't think it stopped him though, he felt a need to live up to his name! Trouble had a bad heart. The vet said that it was enlarged, which I believe, he was the most loving and affectionate cat I've ever had.

Trouble & Tornado

I also adopted Tornado, Trouble's almost twin brother. Their markings were identical except for the color. Tornado simply died one day, and we were never sure why. After Trouble got sick, we deduced that he had the same genetic heart problem.


Michael with the biggest "Cat-titude" you've ever seen! Michael was definately the Patriarch of the family. When he got old and sick, we decided to have hip put to sleep. The night before I was to take him, he died sleeping in his favorite place. He decided when and where. Bless his little soul.


Sweetie was the only cat that we lost in the fire 4 years ago. She was another of the strays I brought home from the pet store I used to work at.


Marc Anthony. What can I say about Marky? I got him from the stoner brother of a friend, and I swear he had flash-backs. This is a perfect picture of him.

Samantha and Bambi

In late fall, we had to have Samantha put to sleep. Her arthritis was getting really bad, and she was loosing control of her bladder. Then in early December, Bambi was hit by a car. In 2 months we lost 2 members of the family. I'm sure they're playing in a big field somewhere together now, chasing rabbits and woodchucks hapilly.


When Brat was about 8 months old, he was hit by a car, shattering his right thigh. The Vet said that he would be fine without the leg, probably never miss it. Unless his right ear itches! On the off chance he escapes out of doors, he runs up trees like he had all four!

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