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Title and Chapter Number: You're It - 1/1 PWP
Fandom: Middle Earth
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Middle Earth Characters are owned by the Tolkien Estate and they retain all rights. OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: A little more off the top of my head, crappy, unbeta'd NC-17 fun, flavored with a little consentual bondage and love torture for spice. Be warned of bondage, blindfolding, feathers, icecubes, hot wax, spanking, and your basic m/f birds and bees stuff. Once again, if you're too young to read this legaly or too old to read it safely, delete now.
Beta: None
Cast: A mystery Elf and Me
Timeline: AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Notes: Sequel to Tag

"Embrace the bliss of pure sensation... let your senses drift into euphoria..."

Once home, and as soon as I had my Elving costume off, I crashed, and crashed hard. I didn't even bother putting on my pajamas. Seems that I was the only one traipsing about in the woods Friday night.

Near dawn I dreamed that he had returned, kissing the tips of my fingers as he had the first night that he had haunted me, then my palm, then nipped my wrist. I started awake with the realization that I wasn't dreaming, that a gloved hand actually held mine and soft lips caressed the place he had just bitten. I extended my fingers to stroke the cheek of the elf who held my hand. His other leather wrapped hand caressed my face, in the dark all I could see was his silhouette, blacker black in the night.

I raised my other hand to place it over his; soft leather, smooth and supple over long fingers. He captured that hand as well, and raised both over my head, where he bound them gently but securely to the twisted wrought iron headboard with silken ties. I was helpless to his touch, a willing captive to his wish.

He pulled the blanket down off of me, his Elven eyes could see detail where my human eyes could not. His gloved hands brushed my skin with light touches from my elbows to my ankles, giving me goose bumps that had nothing to do with temperature. I whimpered, biting my lip.

"Shhhhh," he whispered, "I'll not harm you."

He moved away, only to return with what I assumed was a feather, being only able to feel it on all my tender, sensitive places, and not see it. He drew it down one side then up the other, swirling it over my stomach and around my breasts, along the insides of my arms, and the insides of my thighs.

When I tried to wiggle away from this sweet torture, he placed one hand on my stomach and leaned close to my ear. "If you're not still, I'll have to bind your feet as well," he threatened, amused, then stroked my ear with his tongue.

He stepped away again, then returned, I could feel his weight on the bed. "No more tickling, please," I begged.

He placed a finger over my lips, "No more tickling," then drew a line of freezing cold over my lips with an ice cube. Where he got it and how he kept it frozen I did not know, but it melted now, as he stroked it along my breastbone, paused to circle each nipple, down to my stomach and swirled it around my navel.

I shivered and writhed, moaning for him to stop. He merely chuckled under his breath, "I see that you will not be easy to subdue," as one at a time he bound my ankles to the footboard, kissing the tops of my feet tenderly.

The sky had started to lighten, and I had begun to hope that I would finally know who it was that tormented me.

Unfortunately, he had other plans. He lifted my head and tied a silken blindfold over my eyes. Somehow, the dark behind a blindfold is more intense than the darkest midnight, and triggers an intensification of sensation that cannot otherwise be attained.

When next he returned to me after a long absence, or it seemed so to me, unable to see or move, he kissed me gently on the lips. "Do you trust me, mir nin?"

Did I have a choice? "Yes," I answered. I had to.

"You have my word that no harm will come to you."

He was making me nervous, what did he have in mind that he felt I needed reassurance for? Then I smelled the flame.

Hot, stinging drops fell on one ice-hardened nipple and I cried out for him to stop.

Then the ice returned, soothing circles drawn on my over sensitized flesh. And I begged for more.

He repeated the treatment on my other breast, while stroking the first with a firm but tender hand. He rolled my nipple gently between his fingers, then twisted it savagely, only to lick and suck it with an ice-cooled mouth.

I was sobbing with mixed pleasure and pain, neither was distinct, they mingled together into ecstasy, my other senses heightened by the deprivation of sight.

Eventually he relented, just when I thought I could take no more. He unbound my ankles, kissing one before moving to the other. I expected to be at last released, if not unblindfolded, but again, he surprised me.

He turned me over onto my stomach, careful not to strain the ties on my wrists. "Comfortable?" he asked, stroking my legs from heel to knee, where he stopped to kiss the tender flesh.

I gasped assent, his mouth was a wonder of sensual bliss. He continued his exploration of my dorsal side, kneading my thighs and buttocks, using the tip of his braid to tantalize my back with light strokes. He removed the rubberband from my hair and ran his still gloved fingers through it, careful not to dislodge the blindfold.

His fingertips trailed up and down my arms as he straddled my thighs, resting lightly on his heels. "Do you still trust me?"

"I do."

His hands dragged lightly down my back, then without word or warning, his right hand cracked sharply against my ass.

I yipped in surprise even as cool leather gently stroked heated flesh. "Shhhh," he whispered, "relax, trust me."

I tried to relax, thinking he was finished with me, that he'd release me from my bonds and allow me to find release from the tension that had been building between my legs, when his left hand smacked down on my other cheek. I moaned this time, as he soothed me with gentle hands and soft Elvish words.

He sat back, and after removing one glove, slid his hand between my thighs and beneath me. He slid his fingers into me, twisting them gently. I made some incoherent noise of pleasure.

He leaned forward then, placed his hands on either side of me and nuzzled my hair, then began kissing my spine, from nape to tailbone. Then his weight was gone from the bed. I had a great fear that he would just leave me here, naked, bound and blindfolded, but he was back almost immediately, and his hot skin pressed against mine.

He rolled me over onto my back again, and slid down my body, his erection rubbing against my thigh.

He came to rest between my legs and pushed them over his shoulders. His breath tickled my thighs as he opened me and blew a stream of cool air over my heat. Then he covered me with his mouth, cold as the chip of ice that his tongue pushed inside. His tongue circled my clit, lapping and sucking, until my body could take no more and I began to shudder with release.

He moaned along with me, licking my juices from me, then crawled back up, kissing my stomach and breasts as he moved. When he drew even with me I could feel his breath on my face, and smell myself on him. He kissed my lips gently, then more forcefully, his tongue dueling with mine as we fought for dominance, even as I was bound, trapped beneath him.

He reached to untie my hands and purred in my ear, "I will unbind you, but you must agree not remove your blindfold."

I nodded, anything to let me touch him. With my hands free, I stroked his face, then down his neck and chest, and around his sides and to his back, memorizing the feel of his skin. I clutched at him as his kissed me again, and he pressed his arousal against me.

"I would have you," he whispered.

"Then have me," I whispered back, wrapping my legs around him.

He slid into me and began stroking, slowly at first, then harder and faster, as I scratched his back and pulled at his buttocks. I moaned and writhed beneath him, close again to release.

His back flexed under my hands as he thrust into me, his lips buried against my throat.

The rippling in my loins started again and I cried out, whimpering in my climax.

He threw his head back with a long cry, then kissed me savagely as he filled me, his whole body trembling. He collapsed against me, his braid falling over his shoulder onto my face.

He rolled off of me, then pulled me tightly into his embrace, pressing my back against him. He untied my blindfold and tossed it away. It was bright daylight.

I snuggled back into his arms, sated.

"Don't you want to see me?" he asked.

"I already know who you are."