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Title and Chapter Number: Torog’a* (Trolling) 1/1 (Shameless Excuse for Smut)
Fandom: Middle Earth
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Elladan and Elrohir and other Middle Earth Characters are owned by the Tolkien Estate and they retain all rights. OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: Graphic Het Sex: It’s a Twin Sammich!
Betas: Alex
Cast: OC Female, Elladan, Elrohir
Timeline: Future AU, R(eturn)+25
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Summary: The Twins go Trolling
Notes: 1. This just started out as a little smut, but a whole world imagined itself in my head. Most isn’t included here, but there are 2 sequels already imagining themselves in my head as well.
2. The part of Andrew will be played by Heath Ledger; the part of Evan will be played by Orlando Bloom. I make no presumptions about their personal lives; I’m merely casting them in roles.
3. Don’t know Maiar or Olórin? Check out http://www.glyphweb.com/arda/


I remember my mother telling me about when it happened, when the Conflagration was unleashed. Men had seriously fucked things up.

Millions died. It was a terrible, slow way to die. It took days, sometimes weeks, consuming your flesh until it reached your vital organs. Most writhed in agony, begging someone to send them to the next world before the end.

It ate all living things indiscriminately; plants, animals, humans, right down to the microbes in the soil. When it swept across wooded or grasslands, it hissed like the whispers of the unnamed dead. It was nearly invisible, except for the noxious fumes and sickly green shimmer. It couldn't be put out with water or foam or any substance created by Man.

The Earth was being consumed in a supernatural inferno, and Science was powerless to stop it. The world of Men was dying.

Then the Maiar Returned, and with them they brought The Firstborn. The White One known as Olórin had raised his hands and the Fires had gone out.

During The Reconstruction, some said he meant to rule us, but Mother said he really just meant to save us from ourselves.

My mother was pregnant then, and I was born right after The Return. Many babies were stillborn or had mental or physical defects as a result of the Conflagration, even if their mothers were half a world away. I grew up with people always looking at me funny, always expecting something to be wrong with me. I guess I got off easy with occasional migraines.

I was too young then to understand what it all meant; I never knew that world. That was 25 years ago and Gaia is a much-changed place.


I was working a late shift one Friday night at The University Book & Gift Shop. One of my girls had called in, her oldest was sick - again. There were only five of us, so I had to cover. My heart wasn't really in my work, but it kept me in caffeine and chocolate through many nights' research.

I should have been at home working on the Divination term paper that was due Monday. The last thing I needed was to flunk out. The University, where the Maiar had stored all their earthly knowledge, was the only institution sanctioned to teach the Old Arts.

In any case, closing time was about an hour away when the Firstborn came into my shop. Anna bolted for the stockroom in a panic. In retrospect, I guess I did sort of know they were there. Even before I could feel her fear, I could feel them.

I stepped forward and greeted them in Sindarin, "Mae govannen," (late nights of studying Sindarin came in handy after all), and made a small bow. They smiled knowing little smiles and nodded their heads towards me. Was my accent that bad? Sheesh.

OK, so Sindarin had never been my best subject. I could read and write it passably, but not necessarily speak it well, or understand it when spoken.

I stuck my head into the break room to check on Anna, who was scared shitless of Elves. I wasn't exactly at ease with them, but I never knew how the heck she could continue her studies with such a mortal fear of them. Honestly, they made me feel a little queasy, like the world they lived in was just a little off kilter from mine. I got her a Coke from our machine and she settled enough for me to return to the front of the store.

What they could possibly have wanted was beyond me. In general though, Elves were beyond me.

I was staring. I knew that they knew I was watching them. They would occasionally glance up at me, smile to each other, and whisper. I wondered what they were saying, what they were doing in my store, and when they were leaving. They were giving me a headache, the kind you get right behind your eyes, like when you wear someone else's glasses.

The pair wandered up and down the aisles whispering to each other, occasionally touching each other's hands or hair. I couldn't help but watch them. They were preternaturally beautiful, obviously brothers, and quite probably twins.

All the Firstborn possessed a singular ethereal beauty, but these two were without equal. They had long chestnut hair and icy grey-blue eyes. They were tall and slim, but power was concealed in their limbs. Their features were fine without being sharp and their ivory skin was flawless. Their hands were grace incarnate.

After about 20 minutes, they left with a quick "Thank You" and a short bow.

I paged Anna on the intercom and she finally emerged, still a little wild-eyed. "Don't worry about the stock, just vacuum while I count the money, then we'll go home," I told her. I tired to be comforting, but I'm still surprised she came in for her next shift.

It only took me a few minutes to finish the paperwork and lock up. I walked Anna to her car. She was still shaken and offered to drive me home. It's funny how humans, after millennia of civilization, still tend to herd together for safety when they feel threatened, like prey.

I declined the ride, the late spring evening was warm and my apartment was only a quick 15-minute walk across campus. No one would dare violate that sacred ground. Besides, I wanted to savor the last tendrils of enchantment that the Elves' presence had left on my consciousness.

I strolled along the well kept paths, nothing so formal as a sidewalk here, all that manufactured pavement was disturbing to the University's spirit-energy. The buildings were constructed of blocks of cut stone and looked ancient, though they were barely 20 years old. The trails were lined with oak and elm; the grass was so thick it begged to be walked barefoot in.

I wasn't thinking about the architecture or the horticulture though, I was traveling in a divine haze of thoughts of the Firstborn. Their presence changed the atmosphere in a room; their mere existence brought back a certain grace to the world. And those two had been particularly stunning.

As I reached the open-air porch of my flat, I caught psychic wind of something. In slow motion, I climbed the stairs and reached for the doorknob, concentrating on whatever it was that I'd almost felt.

I figured it was probably just the guys upstairs screwing again. Honestly, they were constantly going at it. Pity, they were frelling hot, but totally committed. Both Ancient Languages majors, Andrew was the blonde Scott, always smiling and loved surfing, Evan was the dark haired Brit forever playing practical jokes and his guitar. Even they couldn't help me with my accent.

Luckily, they were thoughtful enough to do it mostly when I wasn't home, and our apartments were laid out as mirror images of each other, so their bedroom was over my living room, and vice-versa. Not that I ever had the chance to disturb them, mind you. Mostly I spent evenings doing homework or something on my computer in the small spare bedroom in front.

Standing on the porch, my door was on the left, which opened into my open living room/dining-room/kitchen, and my bedrooms on the right. The guys' entrance was in back, and the patio was officially theirs, while the front porch with its wooden swing was mine. I spent a lot of rainy nights out here, just watching the lightning. Sometimes they'd come down and join me and we'd share a few beers, but watching them in love was painful after a while. I'd retire, seemed a shame not to let them use the swing, instead of being selfish and just sit on it alone.

Just as I put my hand on the doorknob, a silken voice whispered into my ear from so close I couldn't have missed his presence on the wide-open porch. I dimly recognized it as an older form of Elvish, Quenya, but I couldn't understand it.

I was frozen solid with my hand on the doorknob. The glorious creature took my hand in his and opened the door.

A rectangle of light disfigured by three shadows spilled into my living room, framing my Lab mix who barked once in greeting then subsided back onto the forbidden couch as we entered. Jake, my alleged protector, wagged his tail and smiled his canine grin, tongue lolling. I was steered gently from behind into my living room by the Elf, one hand still on mine, the other around my waist, then followed by the other who closed the door behind us cutting off the ambient light.

I was suddenly released. I lunged for the light switch and palmed it on. It never occurred to me that I would be just as blind in the sudden light as I was in the dark, or that they could see better than me in either case. My heart was racing, but my brain had stalled.

The right-hand Elf raised his hands in a soothing manner: "Sîdh, brennil nín" then "Peace, my Lady, we will not harm you." I didn't believe him. I was way too wigged out. "I am Elrohir," he nodded a brief bow, "and this is Elladan," he indicated the other elf, who also nodded, but never lowered his eyes.

The one who'd grabbed me outside and identified himself as Elrohir stepped towards me. I found myself unable to move again. He came closer, way inside my personal space, and backed me up against wall next to the door. He stroked my cheek with his fingertips.

He spoke in Sindarin over his shoulder to Elladan.

All I caught was 'gwanur nin', my brother. ~ Un-huh, so they are brothers ~, I thought disjointedly. ~ I'm being abducted by a couple of bloody Elves. ~

"What the hell do you want?"

Then he spoke to me: "You called us. We came. We are here." As if that made it all clear.

"E-ex-c-cuse me?"

"There is no need for you to be lonely, let us lift your burden."

His voice was velvet. I felt it on my skin as much as I heard it in my ears.

Then he was asking me a silent question and I was nodding.

Elrohir took my hand again and led me to my bedroom. I can't begin to guess how he knew where it was; unless he could look through closed doors... or read my mind. Elladan followed closely.

We entered my room, and Elrohir pulled me into his arms. Elladan closed the door behind us and embraced me from behind. I was still in a daze, I felt as if I was having an out of body experience.

Elladan ground his hips against my ass and Elrohir gently brushed his lips against mine. I was feeling quite light headed. If I hadn't been caught so tightly between their hard bodies, I probably would have collapsed.

Elrohir kissed me harder, slipped his tongue into my mouth, and I relaxed into the pressure. For the first time since he'd touched me, I felt as if I had some control over my limbs. I slid my arms around his neck and waist. His lips tasted like cinnamon and he smelled like freshly mown grass.

I don't know what the hell I was thinking. If being on the edge of their essence made me queasy in the store, being fully inside their auras was like being stoned. I felt out of control, but in an exhilarating way. I sure as shit had never done anything like that before.

Elladan brushed my hair away from my neck and kissed me from shoulder to earlobe. He seemed intrigued by my earrings; I don't suppose any Elf had ever considered piercing their perfectly pointed ears. I turned my head towards him and was pulled into a deep kiss. He turned me around to face him, leaving Elrohir to take off his clothing.

Elladan's lips were more firm, more commanding, more demanding than his brother's. If Elrohir's kisses were requests, Elladan's were requirements. I could do nothing, but yield to his dominance.

Elrohir returned and reclaimed me and Elladan in turn removed his clothes. The grace of the Elves was legendary, but it could not be overstated. None but an Elf could get naked with such perfect grace.

My bedroom was at the rear of the house, shaded from the lights of civilization by huge oak trees three times my age. In the near dark here, lit only by a half moon, they seemed to shine, impossibly perfect in their nakedness.

Elrohir held me at arms length with his hands on my shoulders. He slowly unbuttoned my shirt from neck to hem, then paused to undo my khakis. He pealed my shirt off of my shoulders and dropped it in a pile with their clothes.

Elladan stood behind me with his hands on my hips. Now he was amused with my tattoo. Just a little tribal on the back of my neck, yet it was another form of body modification that would never occur to an Elf. He drew it with his fingers, sending shivers down my spine and giving me goose bumps. He unhooked my bra, and I shrugged it off.

The room was cool compared to the heat of their bodies and my nipples hardened immediately. Elrohir covered them with his hands and kneaded my breasts as Elladan knelt to strip off my khakis and panties at once. I slipped off my moccasins and kicked my pants aside.

Elrohir then took my hands and backed up to the foot of my unmade bed. He sat, then reclined and pulled me up to the pillows next to him. He rolled me over onto my back and kissed me until I couldn't see.

Elladan lay down on my other side. He stroked and sucked my nipples; his long dark hair tickled me as he worked his way down my body. I was totally at their mercy. It was difficult to remember to breathe. He pulled at my leg then slid over it when I moved it towards him. He settled between my thighs and pressed my legs back and up over his shoulders. I very nearly bit Elrohir's tongue when Elladan slid his tongue across my clit.

"Elladan, be gentle," Elrohir said playfully.

Elladan groaned in the affirmative, and the vibrations made me twitch again. Elrohir turned his attention to my abandoned breasts, apparently it was safer.

I smoothed his silky hair, uncovering a delicately pointed ear. Having heard stories about Elves and their ears, I was hesitant to touch it, but I was dying to all the same. I thought I'd never have another opportunity, so with one finger I gently stroked it from tip to lobe. I was rewarded with a tiny whimper, but he didn't pull away.

Elladan continued his assault on my clit with his tongue; licking, sucking, and generally making me crazy. I was going to overload soon and I couldn't get him to stop, or to go faster, or do anything to let me cum.

With the fingers of one hand in Elrohir's hair and the other in Elladan's, I begged them for mercy. Elladan finally stood and moved around the side of the bed to sit next to my pillows. He leaned on the headboard with on foot on the floor and watched intently as Elrohir pinned me with his body.

Elrohir hovered over me, not quite touching me. I brought my hands to his chest. It was smooth and nearly hairless except for the soft peach fuzz on his pecs and the treasure trail leading down from his abbs. His long hair fell onto my face exposing his ears. This time I gently drew a finger down each, and felt his entire body shudder. I hadn't had much of a chance until now to touch either of them. I trailed my fingers through his hair and down his face, over his shoulders, across his chest, and down his back. For all this, he remained motionless and let me explore.

I was vaguely aware of Elladan next to me when I felt him shift on the bed. In a quick glance, I realized that he was stroking himself. Elrohir also noticed his brother and smiled. Elladan saw me look up and moved just a little so that I could see him in all his glory. I don't know if I expected otherwise, but it seemed only natural for a Child of the Stars to be uncut.

Until then, I had been somewhat unaware of the proximity of their erections. Suddenly that fact was looming in front of - and above - me. I was no angel, but I'd had no experience with a 'natural' cock before. I was utterly fascinated.

Elrohir touched my face, gently bringing my attention back to him. I saw a question there, almost as if he were asking permission. I laughed out loud. ~ Why ask now? ~ I thought. He kissed me sweetly and lowered his silver body onto me. With only deft movements of his hips, he maneuvered himself into me, slowly sliding until his full length was inside me. He was large, but perfectly proportioned just like the rest of him. He was still for a moment, as if expecting me to do something, so I grabbed his ass and pulled him hard into me. He closed his eyes and relaxed a bit.

I glanced up at Elladan, who seemed to be enjoying this almost as much as his twin.

Elrohir began to move in me. He was perfection, not too fast, not too gentle. I held him tightly, but I was careful not to scratch his flawless skin. I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to pull him deeper into me.

His slow thrusting became slightly erratic, and I could feel the tension in his body build. I relaxed into his heat and let myself cum. The rippling squeeze that made my head swim triggered the orgasm in him as well. I felt his powerful legs tremble, and he broke a kiss to gasp into my neck. After a few moments, he relaxed and rolled off of me with a last kiss.

I looked at him in the moonlight; sorry that he'd hidden his face.

Then Elladan claimed my attention. He stretched out on the bed beside me so that I lay between him and his brother. He still stroked his arousal slowly. I turned on my side towards him, and gently caressed his chest and stomach as I worked my way down his body. He took my hand and placed it on his shaft, resuming his slow stroking using my hand. I was dying to taste him, but he had other plans.

He pulled me over onto him until I straddled him. I eased down onto his member, leaned my hands onto his chest and began to rock. He took my hips in his hands and guided me into a complex rhythm that reminded me of the lope of a horse. He released my hips, once I found his tempo, to knead my breasts and lifted his head to suck and bite at my nipples.

I heard Elrohir breathe a soft noise. He was stroking himself in the same rhythm with which I rode his brother.

Elladan took me by the hips again and increased the pace. He soon came and took me with him. I watched his face closely.

I've never seen anything so beautiful as that magnificent creature in the throes of his pleasure; so exquisite in repose, the face of an angel in ecstasy. It's an image that keeps me warm on cold nights and company when I'm lonely.

I rolled back to the bed between the Elves and rested my head on Elrohir's chest.

I wanted to taste their names on my tongue. "Elrohir." ~ Elf-Man ~ "Elladan." ~ Elf-Knight ~ My voice didn't do them justice.

Elladan pulled the mussed covers up over us. He pressed his entire length against my back and wrapped his arms around us both, and I slept.

I dreamt of tall green trees, deep blue water, wide golden plains and high white mountains.

In the early morning light, I was awoken by gentle kisses on my shoulder and hair. Our limbs were all tangled. I no longer remembered which Elf was which.

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