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Title and Chapter Number: Tag 1/1 PWP
Fandom: Middle Earth
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Middle Earth Characters are owned by the Tolkien Estate and they retain all rights. OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: None
Beta: None
Cast: A mystery Elf and Me
Timeline: AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Summary: My first Elving outing

'Is this tag or hide and seek?' I thought grumpily as I snuck through the darkening woods.

I had long since lost sight of the other participants in the game, and was beginning to wonder if I might just have lost the trail of all of the elves as well.

I scuffed my feet through the crunchy red leaves and turned back towards the stables, when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. A strong arm wrapped around my middle pinning my arms to my sides, and one long fingered hand covered my mouth. "Tag, you're it," an amused voice whispered in my ear, as I was dragged back into a small copse of trees. "Quietly, sweeting, no need for the others to find us as well."

The hand covering my mouth then covered my eyes as I was spun around and pushed back against a tree. Sweet lips brushed mine, teasingly light, maddeningly gentle. They drifted across my cheek to my ear, while the hand over my eyes slid behind my neck.

I found my hands curled into the front of his velvet coat, pulling him tight against me. My knees were weak, the only thing holding me up was the pressure of his body against mine, pressing me against the tree.

"It's lovely to see you again," he whispered, nuzzling my neck, his free hand stroking my breast through my shirt, pinching the nipple gently.

I let my head roll back against the tree, "Uhhhmmmm-huuummmm." I opened my eyes, and despite the fact that I couldn't focus properly for the tingles he was giving me, I could see a black velvet shoulder and a thick braid of black disappearing down his back.

He nipped and kissed his way around my throat to the other side of my neck, stopping to suck gently on my earlobe.

I released his coat and slid my hands down his chest and around his sides, in an attempt to pull his silk shirt from his breeches.

"Not here, mir nin," he purred, before finally kissing me firmly on the mouth. He took my breath away, made it difficult to think strait.

In the near dark, I still couldn't determine what elf it was that held me captive. And at that point, I really didn't care. I yanked his shirt out of his waistband and ran my hands over the hard planes of his stomach and chest. "Yes, here," I demanded, then sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, as I teased him with my nails.

His hands slid up under my shirt and unsnapped my front-hook bra with quick fingers. He ground his hips against me as he rolled my nipples between his fingers.

I fumbled with the laces of his breaches, until he pushed my hands away and untied them himself. I freed his erection, stroking it gently as he gasped against my mouth.

He unbuttoned my jeans and bent to push them down my legs. I kicked off my loafers and stepped out of my pants, the elf's dark hair all that was visible in the darkness. He stood, and possessed my mouth again, one hand cupping my breast, the other lifting my leg to wrap around him. After a moment, he bent his knees then lifted me with his hands on my bottom, wrapping my other leg about him, and pinned me to the tree again. He slid his velvet length into me, our moans mingling. He thrust against me then, deeply, his tongue mimicking the movements of his hips.

I was sure the other game participants would discover us any moment, until he reached down to hook one of my knees over his elbow, angling his shaft to hit that elusive spot inside me, then I thought of nothing but him and I.

He was relentless, and soon I was nearly screaming while he took his time, methodically pushing us both closer and closer to the edge of release.

"Saes," I begged, his torment had me near incoherent, "please."

He took pity on me and sped up his pace. His movements became erratic, his breath irregular.

"Si," ~ Now ~ he gasped, then claimed my mouth in a searing kiss as he released inside of me. His final powerful thrusts caused my climax as well, and we sagged against the tree in the afterglow of ecstasy.

He lowered me gently, and I felt about on the ground for my jeans as he laced his breeches and straitened his clothes. I pulled them on just as my mystery elf handed me my shoes. The dark of the woods in the moonless night was near complete, and I still couldn't identify him.

"Can you find your way back to the stable?" he asked.

I fumbled in my jacket pocket for my flashlight. "Yeah, I guess so, but..." but he was already gone, disappeared into the Indian Summer night.