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Title and Chapter Number: Rhythm 1/1 PWP
Fandom: Xena/Ares Temple
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Xena, Ares, and other Herc/Xenaverse Characters are owned by their respective creators and they retain all rights. Priestesses own themselves. Fireheart and other OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: None
Beta: None
Cast: Ares, OC Female
Timeline: AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened

Ares slid into bed beside her. Her back was to him as she lay curled up against the chill of the night. He edged closer and closer to her across the huge bed, until his chest finally touched her back. He gently stroked her shoulder with one finger as he curled himself against her.

Isfahel awoke gently to Ares' soft caresses, welcoming his warmth. She snuggled back against his hard-soft body, her skin tingling with his heat.

Ares snaked one arm under the pillows, and wrapped one arm around her as she molded herself to him.

Silently they lay, basking in each otherís heat. Ares raised his lips to gently kiss the back of Isfahelís neck, brushing her hair from the stylized rams head tattooed there, then dropped his hand to stroke her breast.

Groaning softly, she arched back into him, pressing her ass hard against his cock.

This was a surprise. He had hardly expected her to be so eager! Compliant perhaps, more likely reluctant, but this he had not anticipated.

Ares bit gently along the back of her neck and shoulder, kneading her breast, pinching the nipple.

Isfahel reached behind her to Ares' ass and held him to her, her other hand went to her own growing wetness, encouraging it. She rhythmically pressed herself against Ares' hardening member, dug her nails into his flesh.

Slowly they found a rhythm, rubbing, pressing against each other, and heating their passion.

Isfahel suddenly twitched, jerked back against Ares, her eyes closed, her lips parted in a gasp.

Ares, watching her orgasm, felt a wetness form at the tip of his shaft, their motion rubbed it into the skin of her back.

Isfahel lay catching her breath, lifted her hand from its place between her legs. Ares took her wrist, and slowly sucked each finger clean.

She watched, entranced by his lips, his tongue wrapped around her fingers. When he finished, he kissed her fingertips one by one, then he bit her wrist. The pure primal pleasure of his bite sent a shock through her. Before she could react, he held her head back by her hair and bit her throat hard, eliciting a whimpering cry. Adrenaline coursed through her, he could feel her heart beat through his lips. Ares released her slowly, agonizingly. She arched towards him, silently begging for more.

But he had other plans.

He raised himself onto his knees, towered over Isfahel. ~Still eager?~ His rock hard cock throbbed to the beat of his heart.

Isfahel looked up at him, looked over him, worshiped every inch of him. From his ebony curls, falling boyishly across his brow; His dark eyes, within them burned fires hot enough to melt her soul; His broad shoulders and thick arms, Strength to wield a sword or tender enough to caress her cheek; His chiseled chest, rosy nipples hard with the chill of the room; His rippled stomach, dark curls forming a trail to his manhood, the cock that she begged for.

Isfahel sat up, tried to keep as much of the blanket as she could. Ares snatched it from her, flung it to the floor. Tenderly he took her hands, placed them on his shaft, one above the other.

Isfahel knelt before the God of War. She didn't know what he wanted of her. Unsure, she leaned towards him, moved one of her hands to Ares' sack, gently fondling it as she stroked the sensitive underside of the God's penis with her thumb.

Ares rolled his head back, moaned at the ceiling. He took handfuls of the sheet in a white knuckled grip.

Beads of pearly moisture formed on the tip of his cock. Isfahel wiped these with her fingers, wanting lubrication. Not finding what she needed, she took her hand from Ares, slipped it between her own wet lips. Deep inside her she found what she was looking for. She circled the fingers of one hand around the thick shaft, they didn't meet. She stroked Ares cock with both hands, her juices mixing with his own.

She glanced up at his beautiful face, made even more enchanting with his pleasure. He was watching her closely, with fascination. Isfahel brought one sticky finger to her lips, licking slowly, letting Ares savor the sight of her tongue, then brought a second finger to his lips, drawing the tip across first the top one, then the bottom.

He caught her hand, again sucking her fingers one by one, never releasing her eyes.

Without realizing, she reached for a stray lock of hair with her free hand, the one that always fell in his eyes, and brushed it from his brow. She trailed her fingers down his cheek, then along his jaw. Their eyes never parted.

Still in possession of her right wrist, Ares gently claimed her left. He drew her in and kissed her deeply. His tongue alternately teasing hers, then laying full claim to her mouth. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing her breasts against his thick hard chest.

He kissed her thoroughly, not leaving any tiny place untouched. He whis-purrred in her ear, "How do you want it?"

This took her by surprise. Isfahel considered, all the while finding places on his neck and chest that hadn't been attended to.


With one last long stroke of his cock, Isfahel disentangled herself from Ares' embrace. She turned from him, knelt on her hands and knees before him.

Ares was shocked. Of course he enjoyed making love to a woman from behind, watching his cock disappear inside her, then emerge, disappear again. It was the most primal of pleasures. But he would miss the bobbing of her breasts as he rocked her, kissing her lips as she gasped from his deep penetration, or the look on her face as her body worshiped him of its own volition.

Ares caressed her cheeks, slowly massaging them. He moved closer behind her. With his thumbs he parted her flesh, finding the soft pleat between her muscular thighs. His long fingers stroked her, slid inside her, held open her lips as the God slid his cock into her, a little at a time, teasing her until she thrust backwards at him, forcing his entire length within her. Isfahel whimpered with the combined pleasure and pain the God brought.

With his full length inside Isfahelís tight walls, Ares ground his hips in lazy circles and figure eights against her ass, reaching and pressing places not usually accessible.

Ares pulled back just a bit, placed his hands on her hips, and with one motion, thrust his hips forward and pulled her back onto his shaft. Slowly he pressed into her again and again, controlling her greedy thrusts with his hands on her hips.

"Want more?" he asked, only a moment before slamming into her, nearly forcing onto her stomach. Isfahel cried out, but forced herself back, regaining her kneeling position. Ares began to fuck her in earnest, and Isfahel fucked him back, shoving her ass back to meet his powerful thrusts.

Ares nailed her hard, bringing little animal noises to Isfahel's lips. "I Don't - Want To - Hurt - You," he panted.

"Yes you do, you just want me to like it," she managed.

Every time she whimpered, he pumped her harder. He could feel himself coming to orgasm, tried to fight it, but Isfahel's velvet vice locked around his cock, squeezing him, robbing him of control. His legs shook as he pumped his seed deep within her; he became lightheaded and had to close his eyes.

Ares sat back hard on his heels, amazed that she exercised so much control while on her knees. Isfahel rolled and stretched, already a bit sore.

Ares reached over the side of the bed to retrieve the blanket he'd thrown away, spread it out to cover them. Isfahel laid her head on his chest, his heart beat lullabied her to sleep.