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Title and Chapter Number: Priceless 1/1 Vignette
Fandom: Xena/Ares Temple
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Xena, Ares, and other Herc/Xenaverse Characters are owned by their respective creators and they retain all rights. Priestesses own themselves. Fireheart and other OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: None
Beta: None
Cast: Ares, OC Female... something
Timeline: AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Summary: Ares meets his match.
Notes: Strangeness endues.

Ares shrugged. ~What's the worst it can do to me?~ he thought.

"SMUG LITTLE BASTARD." The voice rumbled through the cavern, through the floor and walls, echoing off the immeasurably high ceiling. "MY TREASURE ISN'T THAT EASY TO STEAL."

~Ok, a minor miscalculation.~ Ares breath was being squeezed out of him by a hand - no, a talon - with claws as long and thick as his considerable leg. And he was powerless to break free. This was a creature beyond his experience, and he had greatly misjudged his own power in dealing with it. Or more precisely, attempting to steal from it.

The gigantic beast brought it's helpless captive up closer to it's shield sized eye. "WHY SHOULD I NOT KILL YOU, LITTLE BUG?" it asked, more for amusement as any chance that Ares might have a worthy answer.

Ares simply gasped; his oxygen supply nearly depleted. His vision wavered, and all he saw was his own red faced reflection in the dragon's eye.

Durbin relaxed it's hold a fraction, just enough to let it's captive draw one breath, not enough to let him think he might get another.

"I have many skills," he whispered.

In an instant Ares found himself flat on his back, what wind he had knocked out of him, and his ears ringing painfully from the great bellows of the dragon. ~It's laughing~ he realized.

"I bet you do," a gentler voiced said, coming from nearer, perhaps only 10 feet away. "I'm sure a creature like you has many hidden talents that I might exploit." Gentler yes, but with the same ring of power.

Ares slowly opened his eyes, still dazzled from the torchlight reflected of the immeasurable amount of gold, precious gems, silver and artifacts whose function he could only guess at. He propped himself up on one elbow, regaining his breath and senses, until his eyes focused on the simply enchanting vision before him. Where the dragon had moments ago lain, a woman, to rival the beauty of Aphrodite herself, reclined, rich silks and furs spread out around her.

Clad in only a delicate gold circlet that held her rose-gold hair from her brow, the once-dragon silently beckoned Ares with her eyes, raising one deceptively delicate hand towards him.

Never one to miss an opportunity to save his ass, and in a pleasurable way too, Ares rose, still cautious of the power this lovely creature hid.

"Come to me, sweet child-god," Durbin's lips parted in a smile, anticipating the pleasures this man-creature would bring.

The dragon-woman's eyes caressed Ares' shape. Never one to be shy, he shucked his vest, dropping it to the floor. Something about her eyes was troubling however, ~They're all black!~ he realized with a start. To his credit, he barely missed a beat, slowly swaying towards the woman, unbuckling his sword belt.

"Show me your...skills, I may allow you to continue to exist." Durbin raised herself to her knees as Ares reached her dais. She smiled down at him from her small height. He was obviously eager to demonstrate his professed prowess.

Ares reached for his right boot. Durbin's patience grew thin. With merely a thought and a twinkle in her eye, the War God was naked in her sight. Surprised and taken off guard, Ares overbalanced himself, toppling forward towards her. Instinctively, he attempted to use his godly powers to break his fall, forgetting that here, he had none.

Durbin moved too quickly for his immortal eyes to see. She simply moved out of his way, allowing him to fall across her pillows.

He rolled lightning fast, with cat-like reflexes, only to find himself firmly pinned by the dragon-woman. ~I love it when a plan comes together,~ he thought with a sly smile.

Durbin looked down at him, his raven hair spread across her downy pillows. Her hands slowly caressed his broad chest, twirling his curls between her long fingers. ~A magnificent creature, this one. Perhaps I'll keep him.~ She slithered down his body, gently touching every accessible inch, drinking in his sight, memorizing every bit. She was not disappointed.

"I thought I was supposed to show you my skills?" Ares asked, trying to keep the smugness out of his voice.

Durbin paused her inspection, raised an eyebrow at him. "Of course my pet, in due time," she purred.

Ares wasn't sure he liked her tone. His plan was executing perfectly, but somehow she still seemed to have the upper hand.

Finally she stretched to recline next to him, her head leaned in her elbow. "Show me." It was certainly a taunt, one Ares was more than willing to rise to.

Tentatively at first, then with more vigor, Ares caressed her breasts, softly stroking one then the other. He glanced at her face, taking his cues from her reactions. She seemed to be enjoying it, so he delicately licked one tender nipple. A shiver ran through her, and the soft flesh hardened under his lips. More firmly now he sucked her nipples, stroked her neck and stomach.

Durbin's hands curled in his soft black hair, then savagely tore his lips from her breasts. With a wild look in her eye that would have terrified a mortal man, she took his lips with hers, kissing him deeply, more passionately than he remembered ever being kissed before. She wrapped a long leg around his waist, drawing him nearer, then rolled on her back, pulling him with her.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Ares carefully propped himself up on his elbows, gazed down at the sight below him. Impulsively, he brushed her fallen hair from her brow, tucking it behind her pointed ear.

"Show me," she whispered.

But Ares wasn't quite ready to end the game. With agonizing slowness he trailed kisses down her forehead to her lips, down her neck and chest to her stomach, pausing where she wanted him most. Then he kissed her thighs, down to her toes, where he started to work his way back up, only to repeat the treatment with the other leg.

By now Durbin was practically ready to change back and squish him dead. But this time when he returned back to her body, he was ready to really show her his skills.

One finger rubbed against the pearl that was her pleasure, immediately sending her into spasms of delight. Then he exchanged that for his tongue, sliding his finger deeply inside her. His goatee just long enough to be soft on her delicate flesh created a most divine friction.

Durbin whimpered her ecstasy, again tangling her fingers in his hair.

With his mouth and hands he teased her for minutes, knowing that the instant he entered her, she would explode.

Without removing his hand from it's warm place inside her, he moved over her, positioning himself above her, waiting for her silent signal that she was indeed ready.

Silent it was, but not subtle, Durbin pulled his face to hers. Their lips melded, she could taste herself on his tongue, smell her own sweet musk on his beard.

He removed his hand from her, only to guide his thick cock into her. Slowly, by inches at first, he could feel her muscular walls clenching around him. He watched her eyes, looking into their depths as he entered her.

When he was fully within her, one gently thrust was all it too for her to cum, screaming into his chest.

She lay panting beneath him for a few moments, refusing to let him up, her long legs wrapped around him, her fingers still clutching his hair.

"More," she asked. Durbin could feel his cock throbbing inside her. She must have more!

Ares began to move, slowly again at first, pumping harder when she clutched his ass, pulling him deeper inside her. She arched her back as he thrust madly into her, holding, holding his own orgasm until he could no longer. It overtook him, sending the god into wracking spasms, triggering Durbin's, her velvet vice clamping down on him, making each's that much more intense.

Ares retrieved his sword belt, glad to have it back, he felt just a little naked without it.

"Leaving without any treasure, little bug?" Durbin asked, still in her guise as somewhat human.

"Oh no my Lady," he bowed deeply. "I've gained the greatest treasure you possess." Ares sauntered out of the great doors of the Dragon's hall, confident that she would never forget how much she owed him.

As the great doors closed, Durbin leaned back on her pillows, rubbed her stomach in a gentle and loving manner. ~Ah yes, but I've yours as well.~