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Title and Chapter Number: Jedi Drabble 1/?
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon other Star Wars Characters are owned by the Lucasfilm and they retain all rights. Cadun, Eschlan other OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: Nope
Beta: Nada
Cast: Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, OCFemale
Timeline: Pre-Ep I AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Summary: Doesn't really merit a summary because it doesn't really have a plot yet.
Notes: Just a couple of notes, this is set before Ep I, sort of a little prelude to the Trade Federation's naughtiness. Danu is ruled by women, kinda the Amazon type, but not so butch as some. Their first and last names are transposed, "Princess Kadmar Eschlan", Eschlan is her first name, similarly with "Crico Cadun", Cadun is her first name.

"She is not for you Obi-Wan."

"But Master-"

"No. She is dangerous. The Dark Side is strong within her."

"Master, if we can bring her fully into the light, she could be a great ally."

"The conflict is within her, we can do nothing. If she is not strong enough to battle it on her own, it can not be stopped. Beware Obi-Wan, the Darkness will consume you."

Though Obi-Wan Kenobi knew better than to question Qui-Gon Jinn's judgment, he could not help but feel that his master was somehow not seeing what he did. Or choosing not to see it. He held the ultimate regard for the Jedi Master, but still, a small doubt lingered. Not of Qui-Gon, but of himself. Was he being tricked? Seduced by the Dark Side?

Qui-Gon pondered their situation. Obi-Wan obviously felt some good in the girl. Obi-Wan was not so young or foolish as to let himself be misled, but the Dark Side was crafty, would like nothing better than to set master against student, lure a promising young Jedi down the Dark path. Qui-Gon sensed turmoil in the heart of Crico Cadun. The Dark Side was seductive, perhaps there was Light enough in her heart, but could he take the chance? Was she strong enough to fight it? Did she want to? So many questions, only one answer.

The Palace of Spires, the home of Princess Kadmar Eschlan of Danu stretched into the clouds, built high on the peaks of the Norfal Mountains.

Crico Cadun strode purposefully the corridors of the palace, her senses reached out to touch the Jedi auras of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn.

The Jedi were in attendance to assure that the trade treaty talks preceded without incident. Danu was a largely agricultural planet and rich in valuable ores, many other worlds would try to gain power over its natural resources. So important was the treaty, the Jedi were allowed to stay in the palace with the Princess, the only males permitted to do so. Even the Princess's consorts only visited, more often lately, as the time drew near for Princess Eschlan to bear an heir and ascend to the throne of Queen.

A ranking member of the Princess' personal guard, Cadun was offended by the presence of the Jedi, the Senate's dictate not withstanding. The Captain of the guard had ordered her to keep an eye on the Jedi, a task that she relished.

Qui-Gon Jinn side stepped quickly into the shadows of the alcove that allowed passage to his rooms and pressed his back against the wall. Someone was following him, and doing a darned good job of it.

Quick as lightning, Qui-Gon's left hand snapped out of the shadows and captured the cloaked figure by the throat, his right drawing his light-saber. Spinning them both around, Qui-Gon pinned the figure to the wall at arms length, his weapon held ready above his head. The hood of the cloak had fallen back, revealing a smiling Crico Cadun.

Qui-Gon towered over her, his long fingers wrapped about her neck. "Leave Kenobi alone. He is not for you."

"Perhaps not, Jedi, but what of you?"

Qui-Gon frowned down at Cadun. She was toying with him. His fingers flexed around her throat, expertly cutting off the flow of blood without crushing her windpipe. Her eyes closed but the sly smile never left her lips. Without releasing the pressure, Qui-Gon pulled her from the wall and walked her backwards into his rooms.

Cadun fought the growing panic that he might not let her go, until she was unable to stand but for his grip on her neck. She had only remote knowledge of Qui-Gon removing her cloak and checking her garments for other hidden weapons. With a small physical and a larger mental shove, he pushed her backward through the air onto the bed. Only then did he replace the light-saber at his belt.

Cadun bounced once on the bed limply and gasped as the blood rushed in her ears.

"Do not play games woman, what do you want?"

Cadun stood unsteadily, felt discreetly for her staff, then realized it had been thrown on the floor with her cloak. Qui-Gon saw her gaze shift and took a deliberate step away from the discarded garment.

"From you? Nothing!" The metal staff jumped from the folds of the cloak to her hand, telescoping to its full length as it settled in her hand. She swung at Qui-Gon's head, a blow he barely deflected, so sudden was the attack.

Qui-Gon realized that Cadun was just as dangerous as he had predicted, but refused to draw his light-saber again. Cadun now stood facing him, the look in her eyes said she looked forward to a good fight. Qui-Gon slowly removed the light saber from his belt and tossed it across the room. Showing her his empty hands, he hoped to get Cadun to disarm also, giving him the advantage of size and reach.

"Do I look so foolish as that Jedi? You are obviously larger and stronger than I and with considerable training. I would be an idiot to rely on your valor...if you weren't a Jedi Knight." Cadun retracted and dropped her staff, still taking care to keep more than an arms length between her and Qui-Gon. It hit the floor with a loud clang and rolled to rest inches from Qui-Gon's light-saber.

"I do not want to fight you; I can only kill you in the end. I do not think Princess Eschlan would approve."

"Too true Qui-Gon Jinn, it seems I must concede that we fight on the same side."

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow. "Do we?" he asked condescendingly. "What side is that exactly?" He crossed his arms across his chest, glaring down at her from his great height.

~Now who's playing games?~ Cadun thought. "Why, the best interests of Danu of course."

"Ah, that side. Then yes, I suppose we do."