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Title and Chapter Number: Honey and Roses (or: Beside the Forest Stream) - 1/1 Vignette
Fandom: Middle Earth
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Hal isn't mine, damnit. Middle Earth and the characters therein are owned by their respective creators and they retain all rights. OC's are owned by me.
Special Warning: None
Beta: None
Cast: Haldir, his ego, and his woman.
Timeline: AU
Spoiler: Not really, since this never happened
Summary: Some Elves never learn
Notes: A little Haldir naughtiness, sequel to my Fire and Berries.

That arrogant, self-important, adorable, sexy, elf. What am I to do with him? I know he is remorseful; he has voluntarily spent three tours at the fences. Not that he does not deserve it; I had itchy welts for a week after he covered me in strawberry juice. Even the Lady stopped by to see me, since I was too mortified to show my swollen face outside of my talan. She did bring me some lotion that helped immensely, however.

When I heard he had been recalled, a special assignment or some rot, I wondered if he would even try to apologize. I should have known he had something up his sleeve.

The morning he arrived back in Lórien I received a sealed note, slipped under my door with a brief knock and a muffled laugh. Orophin, I imagine. I opened it with trepidation, not knowing what to expect.

It was in fact, the last thing I expected, an invitation. Haldir had planned a picnic, and requested my presence at a small glade beside a tiny tributary of the Celebrant.

He wanted to apologize in person it seemed. Alright, I decided to accept his invitation, but I resolved to keep my eyes on him at all times.

When I arrived at the designated place at the designated time and stepped through the veil of foliage, a gentle sight greeted my eyes. Everywhere around the clearing were blooming wild roses, and Haldir knelt upon the edge of a blanket laid out on the forest floor, spreading out his peace offering.

He glanced up at me, a sheepish smile played across his proud features. He was beauteous, perhaps more so for his unaccustomed humble pose.

"I was not sure you would come," he said.

"I was not sure I would either," I replied.

He nodded solemnly, and motioned for me to sit.

I hesitated, but ultimately gave in and settled on the blanket next to Haldir. He offered me a crystal glass, a companion to the pair I had sent flying after him during our last rendezvous. I inspected its contents carefully; no strawberries apparent.

Haldir raised his own glass, "I have no right to ask you for your forgiveness, I offer myself to your mercy."

I was surprised to say the least. I had expected a 'sorry' or something equally dismissive, this complete change of character set me off balance.

It didn't last long. A moment later he offered me a biscuit covered in honey. It looked delicious, and I was feeling a bit peckish.

All in all we had a lovely afternoon, the day was warm, the food was good, and the wine was a wonderful vintage, my favorite Rivendell.

Apparently Haldir liked it even more than I did. Soon he decided that it was time for a swim, while I declined, and lay back lazily to watch the myriad patterns of sunlight through the treetops.